Zanzibar vlog

Hey all, It has been 8 months and 28 days since I posted on my blog, pardon me!. I have been busy, (that is the excuses I give all the time, lol). I have been really busy. I will do better next year (hopefully). Things will be better and different from this very moment. A Few … Continue reading Zanzibar vlog

Marrakesh Morocco

Hey lovelies! It’s been ages since I blogged. How are y’all doing? I really miss blogging. I got discouraged last year when I joined YouTube. From editing to posting the videos on YouTube takes time. I don’t have that time to waste. Apparently traffic on my blog hasn’t stopped, I have people who still check … Continue reading Marrakesh Morocco

Feeling blue (Trend)

Hi guys, How was your week? Am so happy it’s Friday! Am heading to Paris for the weekend….yay.  Here’s one of the looks from my March/April lookbook. Hopefully I can drop the lookbook  video this Sunday.  This post isn’t just about the outfit details…. I want to talk about trend.  All trend isn’t a trend … Continue reading Feeling blue (Trend)

The boss chic

Hi lovelies,  How’s your weekend going? Honestly i have been feeling some type of way lately. Sometimes I just want to do it all and sometimes I don’t just give a fu”k! Am I the only one feeling this way?  Even tho I feel some type of way, I will still slay in my type … Continue reading The boss chic


Hey hey hey, Am sure y’all have given up on me, right? I went MIA again on my blog. I apologize. How are y’all doing?  Here are som new photos. Hopefully y’all like it. It’s one of the looks in my coming lookbook.  Details  Cozy set: Sneakers : Valentino  Bag : Gucci Jacket : … Continue reading Pinky