Striped shirt with ripped boyfriend jeans 

Hi lovelies, 

Am currently on vacation, Europe tour (part 2) I did the first one two years ago. 

I love to travel, to see things I haven’t seen before. To see how people live and their tradition. 

In the past few days I have been to holland Amsterdam(2nd time in holland) ,Paris France & Toulouse France ( 2nd time in Paris and 1st time in Toulouse ),Andorra le Vella (1st  time ),  Madrid Spain ( 1st time ) .

 Am currently in Lagos Portugal (1st time here)  I will be here for a week . Pictures about my trip will be  on the blog later . 

Guess where am going after Portugal? Shhhhhhh. 

Outfit details 

Shirt is from vila  find similar Here 

Jeans find it Here 

Loafer find it Here 

Bag find it Here


Have a nice week y’all 




One comment on “Striped shirt with ripped boyfriend jeans ”
  1. you naice famme mmmmmmmmmmhhhhhh


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