Cotton Top with Ripped jeans 



Jeans find it Here 

Top find it Here 

Heels is old, find similar Here 

Hi lovelies ,

 I came back home to Sweden today from my Europe tour Part two. 

Five years ago I started my bucket list Europe trip. Someone asked me how many countries have I been to in Europe. Here is the list: Norway, Denmark, Greece , Italy, Portugal , Austria , England , France, Spain, Netherlands , Switerzland, Monaco , Andorra, Germany , turkey , Czech Republic  , Ireland, Poland . I can’t even remember all.  Those are the countries I have spent at least a night in Europe. The Asia tour coming soon. 

Thanks to all the lovely people I met on this one month holiday.  I had fun so much  fun. 

Thank you all for keeping my blog rolling. I will post  pictures from my trip later.


Wishing y’all a bissful Friday . 


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