Am back!

Hi bunnies,

How are y’all doing? I’ve been away from social media for a month! Yes I logged out of all my SM platforms. I even deactivated my Facebook. On a normal day I receive btw 10-15 messages on my Fb messenger, IG and snapchat. I usually don’t reply DMs,cos I find it stressful sometimes. I recently wrote a PFE for some reason. 

 Damn it feels really good, It’s mind refreshing and made me focus more on other stuffs. Honestly I didn’t want to return yet to SM but  most of my friends and fans  won’t let me be away for too long. I wanna say thank you all for all the DMs(even tho am yet to read or reply some of them) calls, whatsapp messages and more. Guys taking a break from SM is very needed,trust me. I will be doing more of it when I go on vacation but don’t worry I will post my vacation pictures on my blog and on  SM when I return from my vacation, that sound like a good deal right?  Honestly I have been having fun after I wrote my PFE.

  My two earlier post on my blog was posted by my friend that I added to the admin. I want to say thank you to Candice . You can see there are some changes on my blog. Google started running ad on my blog(which means 💸) and some other changes too, all thanks to Candice Davids. I have lots of picture to post from past weeks. But first what y’all think about this look? 

Top :

Jeans: Gstar 

Shoe : Casadei 

Cross bag : Gucci 

Coat : Hugo Boss 

This Gucci bag is so far my  favorite accessories for this fall 2016,cos If you know me  well, you will know I don’t  like big bags in winter. I think cross bag makes your outfit look more chic. 

Btw I am doing 6 weeks give away. Who’s ready? 

Have a nice weekend y’all. 


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