How dare me? 

Hi lovelies, 

New year is around the corner! 2016 was a great year. Am so grateful for all that has happened this year. Am damn ready for a 2017. Yesterday I was out with my family to the amusement park. We do visit the place summer and winter every year, the place is called Liseberg

We had fun but I totally dressed too much for that kind of outing. How dare me wear such an outfit to amusement park?!!!  I don’t know how to dress down 😫😝. Slay every freaking day, that’s who I am! . I should have wore something more comfortable, like no heels and a jeans instead. The spirit of slay in me won’t let me follow to my heart.  My feet got cold and I ruined the fun for the rest of the family by saying lets go home 😫😂. Well that’s Debralicious for you sometimes. 



Top : Navy London find it Here

Skirt : Anna Field find it Here 

Boots : Strategia find it Here 

Bag by Sonia Rykiel find it Here 


This might be my last post for 2016. I will be back 2017 with something new for y’all. Have a nice weekend and wishing y’all a fabulous new year. 

Thanks for reading ✌️

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