Becoming a YouTuber( Too cool for YouTube!/intro video)

Hi guys,

How are y’all doing? I have gone MIA again on my blog 😫. That spirt of me not posting regularly shall be demolish,lol. 

Well I haven’t been just laying on my bed. I have been working with so many things. Well the least I can share with you guys for now is to let y’all know that I’m now a YouTuber. So many of you suggested  I start a YouTube channel. Thank you all for the words of encouragement.  That won’t stop me from posting pictures and outfits details here. 

My YouTube channel will be about fashion vlog, chitchat and travel vlog. 

I have a video up and ready to watch. Click Here to watch my first YouTube video. 
Here’s some pictures I took when I was in ROME. 


Tunika : selectedfemme 

Sweatshirt: only

Skirt : Topshop 

Sneaky: Valentino 

Bag: Gucci 

Enjoy the rest of your week. 


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