Marrakesh Morocco

Hey lovelies!

It’s been ages since I blogged. How are y’all doing? I really miss blogging. I got discouraged last year when I joined YouTube. From editing to posting the videos on YouTube takes time. I don’t have that time to waste.

Apparently traffic on my blog hasn’t stopped, I have people who still check my blog everyday. I have people who ask me why I stopped blogging. Well I’m back!, I will try to blog more than I did before. This time I will blog more on my traveling and fashion. Unfortunately I won’t return to YouTube.

I recently visited Marrakech, it was my first time in North Africa. It was a beautiful experience and I will surely return.

I spent 3 days in Marrakech with a friend. We flew from Stockholm Sweden with Norwegian airline directly to Marrakech. I like to fly with Norwegian Because of the WiFi,lol (I love to flight with Air France or KLM outside Europe).

Day 1

We stayed at a beautiful warming Riad called Riad Elisa . Customer service was 10/10. Riad Elisa is highly recommended. They have a nice spa. We visited Bahia palace+ Badii palace, La kotoubia and souks( the market). The whole excursion took us about four hours. We rented a private taxi. It costed 40 euros. It wise to book your excursion through the hotel to avoid being cheated on.

The three pictures below were taken at some of the above mentioned. Pictures are not allowed at Bahia palace. Reasons are best known to them.

Badii Palace

Badii palace


Camel ride

Day 2

We visited the famous la Mamounia. It became very famous thanks to all travel bloggers,lol. A room at la Mamounia cost from 530 euros per night, while you can have same experience at Riad Elisa starting from 220 euro per night. We decided to visit la Mamounia for afternoon lunch. It wasn’t the cheapest place to eat or drink. lunch for two costed us 180 euros including two glass of champagne. Everything about the hotel is expensive.

I took few pictures at the famous la Mamounia spot. The hotel is beautiful no lie.

Day 3

We visited a fancy restaurant La Salema and Comptoir la lounge. We didn’t take pictures because we wanted to enjoy our last day picture free.

Tips if you will like to visit Marrakech; Taxi from the airport is cheap, it’s between 15-20 euros. If you visit the Souks be ready to price down, because they will charge you 3 times higher than the normal price. If you are on a budget don’t eat at the hotel, go to local restaurant. It’s very cheap and food taste better than the hotels food. We ate once at the local restaurant. The food was really good and cheap.

Currency: Euros & Moroccan Dirham.

There’s a 3 minutes video attached to this post. A glimpse of what I did in Marrakech.

Thanks for reading & watching (if you watched the video).


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