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Hey all,

It has been 8 months and 28 days since I posted on my blog, pardon me!. I have been busy, (that is the excuses I give all the time, lol). I have been really busy. I will do better next year (hopefully). Things will be better and different from this very moment. A Few weeks ago I asked my followers on Instagram if it is a good idea to do travel vlogs, 80 percent said yes. The 20% who said no, what is your purpose in life? ,lol. Anyways, I decided to drop this short vlog I made in Zanzibar. I hope you enjoy it. The link below is connected to my YouTube channel. Don´t forget to subscribe and leave a comment.

Click to watch the Zanzibar vlog


2 comments on “Zanzibar vlog

  1. I voted NO 🙂 still prefer text and photos over video, because video often takes more time to watch. But your was only 8 minutes and wasn’t waste of time 😀 Thanks for sharing.

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    1. Debralicious says:

      Thanks for the honesty. People said text and photo is old school. The good thing about video is, your see it as it is. I intend to do only short and interesting ones.

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