How to spend less and make more in 2019

Happy New-year lovelies!

How have y’all been doing? I hope ya enjoyed the festive holidays. It’s a new year a new chance. People commonly say new year, new beginnings. As for me, I only change few things at the beginning of a new year, which is how to make more money, lol. It’s all about the money!, well mostly.

Last year one of my new years resolutions was how to spend less and make more. I made the resolution last year because I spent a lot on clothing in 2017. The resolution worked for me. I though it will be nice to share the tips with my readers.

People say, spend less, save more, I say spend less make more. I will tell you how to achieve it.

How to spend less 

  1. Stop unnecessary shopping: If you are addicted to shopping you need to to stop shopping in order to achieve these goals. The first thing you need to do is to unsubscribe from email newsletters you receive from clothing companies. They are also trying to make more money by sending you those emails. It is easy to click the link and head to their website, especially when the email includes discount offer, before you know it,you just ordered something you do not need. Unsubscribe now!. Unfollow clothing companies on social media and bloggers, they always post pictures of their new arrival, you get tempted to buy.  Do not follow trends, it makes you spend more. Dont get me wrong, you need to spoil yourself once in a while but unnecessary shopping is a waste of money and also you get addicted.
  2. Keep a daily and weekly spending record: knowing/seeing where your money goes keeps you from lapsing into a spending coma. A spending record helps you really think about your spending habits.
  3. Grocery shopping with a list: A list of what you need to buy at the grocery store is a game plan. It helps you to stay in your budget lane and only buying those items you need.  Avoid the store, visit unless absolutely necessary.
  4. Gym membership: If you are not a frequent gym goer you need to give up your membership, I’m not discouraging you from staying fit, if you know me,you know I love to workout, check out my fitness page on instagram @iamdebralicious. If your life style doesn’t not allow you to go to the gym frequently you need to stop wasting money and use the money on something else. You can easily go for a walk during your lunch break or go for a long walk with your dog if you have one. Eat healthy meals. Do home workout.
  5. Club goers:  club owners gets richer, club goers gets poorer!. I love to have fun but every friday popping bottles will leave you broke, as broke as a church rat. Pop bottles in your house with friends and let spotify be your DJ,lol. The same bottle of drink you buy at for a cheap price is 10 times more expensive at the club. What I do before going to the club with my friends is we drink heavily before leaving the house,lol. We only buy 1 or 2 glasses of cocktail,which is ok. Pop bottles in your house and order few glasses in the club.

How to make more money with the money you saved 

Dont just save the money, invest the money.

  1. Start a business : no money is too little to start a business. if you already have a business, invest more to make more.
  2. Explore investment options : consider an ETF index fund.
  3. Find a broker or mutual fund company that meets your needs.
  4. Open online savings account.
  5. Use a Robo-advisor

I hope this works for you. Don’t forget you need to give yourself a treat once in a while. Thanks for reading.





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