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On today’s topic of “why are these fragrances so popular”?. If you know me or follow me on Instagram (@debralicious) you probably noticed that I talk about fragrance from time to time. PS ”smelling good is a business”.

Earlier this year I noticed so many influencers posted same fragrance on their feed. I thought it was an ad for Byredo , yes some were collaboration and some just jumped on the wagon. I was curious about the smell of the fragrance. Unfortunately/luckily I didn’t jump on the wagon until three weeks ago. I visited NK fragrance department in Gothenburg with a friend. I found out that Byredo have 58 different scents, that got me confused. I quickly went on Instagram to see which one the influencers posted the most. 90% of them posted “Byredo Ghost Mojave”. Sadly I wasn’t impressed and I hoped it would get better, cos I had a flu but it didn’t get any better.

The pros: The packaging is really good. The bottle is something different and looks very feminine.

The cons: The smell isn’t long lasting, it fades away after 30 minutes or so. It’s way too pricy, 130$ for 50ml and 200$ for 100 ml. I expected much more from the most hyped fragrance in year 2020. Maybe the other 57 bottles smells better but I won’t be trying them.

The next fragrance is another Swedish brand by Stora skuggan . This was only seen on the Swedish influencers feed, mainly because the brand doesn’t sell internationally. I decided to give it a try.

The pros: Nice package and the bottle is really beautiful. Long lasting scent

The cons: Awful scent, I didn’t like the scent at all. This fragrance is not for me. I felt old when I wore it, may be it’s something I will like when I turn 50,lol. Stora Skuggan have 4 other fragrances that I haven’t tried. Maybe just maybe sometime in the future I will try their other scents . Lastly, it is pricy. 120$ for 30ml. All the five fragrances all comes in 30ml.

The last Swedish fragrance on my list today is my first ever Vegan perfume by Björk and berries . All thanks to @Slipintostyle for posting it on her IG story. As a perfumer, I got curious and immediately ordered it. Surprisingly “September by björk and berries didn’t disappoint. This will be part of my collection. Love it

The pros: Eco packaging, worth the money and long lasting scent. 99$ for 50ml.

The cons: absolutely nothing!

Lastly my first ever Danish fragrance by Zarkoperfume . I came across this sometime last year but didn’t care for it. A friend gave me as a gift two months ago. I’m loving it. This brand have more than 12 different scents. I am looking forward to trying them all.

The pros: long lasting and fresh scent. Reasonable price. 110$ for 100ml.

The cons: absolutely nothing!

Björk& berries and Zarkoperfume are my recommendations. PS this is not a sponsored post. Like they say one mans food is another mans poison, Stora Skugan and Byredo is probably your thing. Give it a try!

Thanks for reading and see you next Friday. Have a nice weekend.


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