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Am back and better I have been away from blogging for a long time. I have been so busy and I also got discouraged to blog cos I feel people stopped reading blogs. I now have summoned the courage to start blogging again cos I want to document my travel journey around the world and also share it with y’all. Sharing my travel details have been such a popular demand by my followers on instagram. Apparently insta-stories is not good enough, lol. While I was away from blogging, I started my own home fragrance line named “Bydebz“. I will share more details about my home fragrance later.

For now let’s start with my recent trip around the world. I recently traveled to Madagascar. My experience in Madagascar was ok. I had higher expectations but my jaw dropped when I arrived. According to world population review Madagascar is the nr 9th poorest country in Africa. I didn’t do my research before travelling to Madagascar, I got carried away by the movie Madagascar, lol. Jokes aside the economical situation in the country is alarming. The country lacks infrastructure . The country have a beautiful landscape and is known to be the only country in Africa with a lime stone forest. Madagascar is also popular for having Baobab trees and the beautiful lemurs.

Getting to Madagascar

The journey to Madagascar was easy. We flew from Gothenburg to Paris, Paris to Antananarivo with Air France. Total of 14 hours flight. Antananarivo “Tana” is the capital city of Madagascar.

Where to stay

It is easy to determine where you want to stay in Tana. we spent 4 days at the Carlton hotel. We did not really do much in Tana. There was not much to see. The hotel price are affordable. I recommend Carlton and Radisson blu hotel. The staffs at Carlton are very friendly and helpful.

What to do in Madagascar

Most people who traveled to Madagascar were there to see the three things I stated above which are to see the lime stone forest Tsingy, baobab trese and the lemurs. Unfortunately those things are not found in Antananarivo. There are two places where you can find the stone forest in Madagascar, one in Morondava and the other in Antsiranana. Those places are hours away from Tana. The most popular stone forest in Madagascar is the one in Morondava, cos there’s where the Baobab trees are located. Unfortunately getting to Tsingy stone forest in Morondava is difficult during rain season. The park is closed from November to April every year.

We visited Tsingy stone forest in Antsiranana. The park is opened 365 days. Getting to Antsiranana is complicated. You will need two local flights from Antananarivo to Antsiranana. The local airline “air Madagascar ” makes it even more difficult to get to anywhere in Madagascar, cos they can easily cancel your flight or change the departure time.

My experience

We successfully visited Tsingy forest and saw the beautiful lemurs. Tsingy means “where one can not walk barefoot. Madagascar is worth the visit if you like nature. Am glad I visited the Tsingy and saw the lemurs. Unfortunately I didn’t see the baobab trees. As for fine dining, there was no fine dinning. There are a lots of small restaurants but none of them are recommendable. I enjoyed most of the meals I had inTana. I recommend you get a tour guide to show you around the country. We used “toursbylocals” to find a tour guide. Make sure you carry lots of cash around with you at all time. It is not easy to get a ATM machine that works. One of our card got stucked in the machine. We quickly called the bank to cancel the card. we spent total of 9 days in Madagascar. It was an amazing experience.

That’s all I can share about Madagascar. Thanks for reading, see in my next post

Malagasy Ariary

Selfie taken in Tsingy stone forest

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