How dare me? 

Hi lovelies, 

New year is around the corner! 2016 was a great year. Am so grateful for all that has happened this year. Am damn ready for a 2017. Yesterday I was out with my family to the amusement park. We do visit the place summer and winter every year, the place is called Liseberg

We had fun but I totally dressed too much for that kind of outing. How dare me wear such an outfit to amusement park?!!!  I don’t know how to dress down 😫😝. Slay every freaking day, that’s who I am! . I should have wore something more comfortable, like no heels and a jeans instead. The spirit of slay in me won’t let me follow to my heart.  My feet got cold and I ruined the fun for the rest of the family by saying lets go home 😫😂. Well that’s Debralicious for you sometimes. 



Top : Navy London find it Here

Skirt : Anna Field find it Here 

Boots : Strategia find it Here 

Bag by Sonia Rykiel find it Here 


This might be my last post for 2016. I will be back 2017 with something new for y’all. Have a nice weekend and wishing y’all a fabulous new year. 

Thanks for reading ✌️


Sunday look 

Hi guys,

It’s snowing here, I can’t believe it started already. Well that’s what people in Scandinavia have to live with. I paired some of my summer clothes with some winter clothes to get this look. You don’t have to wait for summer to wear some of your clothes. If you move around  by car you can easily rock this look in winter. It looks “churchy” but classy. Not everyday half naked dress,lol. 

How cute are my dogs? They are such a poser! Diamond and pearl needs to be on a magazine cover right? Lol

Outfit Details 

Hat : miss selfridge

Shirt : vero moda

Sweatshirt: minuteo 

Skirt: passport ( it’s a German brand)

Bag : YSL ( Yves Saint Laurent )

Shoe : louboutin “so kate ”

Socks: pretty Polly 

Enjoy the rest of your day 


Winter swag (all back everything)

Hello bunnies. 

I promised to share pictures from my Dubai trip, well I haven’t had the time to do so. I promise I will share them after this post. Sorry!

I hope y’all are enjoying your weekend? Am rocking a new hair style.  it’s a cap. I didn’t cut my hair.  I always like to try something new.

 If you like it, you can order yours from Byhorajah on Instagram and Facebook. Her Tel : 0046760685964. Located in Gothenburg Sweden. 

Am featuring my dog (diamond) on this post. She likes taking selfies with me but not when someone else takes pictures of us,lol.  

This cold gat nothing on us. 




Jacket : Hugo Boss 

Warmer : Glamours 

Skirt : Set  

Boots: Stuart Weitzman 

Sunnies : Moncler 

Hair : Byhorajah 

Models: Debralicious & Diamond 
Until next time remain fabulous ✌️