Feeling blue (Trend)

Hi guys,

How was your week? Am so happy it’s Friday! Am heading to Paris for the weekend….yay. 

Here’s one of the looks from my March/April lookbook. Hopefully I can drop the lookbook  video this Sunday. 

This post isn’t just about the outfit details…. I want to talk about trend.  All trend isn’t a trend , which means all trend isn’t for everybody. The mistake most people make is they buy a lot of trendy clothes and lack basic clothes in their wardrobe. I do buy trendy clothes if it suits me and if it’s going to be trendy for a while. Fashion fade, style is external. 

 This bell sleeves shirt is an example, the trend started last year and it still trendy. Lostink makes one of  best shirt sleeves shirt. 

                  Simple Rules stylish women always follow

  1. Clothing is a form of communication.
  2. Outfits are responses to social situations.
  3. Fit is the most important thing.
  4. A great pair of jeans is worth investing in.
  5. Dressing should be half your audience, half your personal style. 
  6. It’s important to know the right times to play with trends. 
  7. You must have a style signature. 

Shirt : lost ink 

Jeans : Gstar raw 

Shoe : louboutin 

Bag : Prada 

Have a nice weekend and stay licious 



Denim on denim

Hey lovelies,

Happy new month. New month new achievements. Y’all chilling at home? Don’t doll o, go visit a friend or do something nice for the weekend.

Do you follow fashion trend? If yes,” denim on denim ” is on the fashion trend list this season. Here’s how I wore mine in Paris. You know me I like it simply and chic.

Denim on denim

Denim on denim

You say? Lol

You say? Lol

Paris city

Shades : Valentino
Shirt : G-Star
Jeans : G- star
Bag : viviennewestwood
Sandal : mujs

Y’all have a nice evening. Remain Licious ✌️