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It’s getting colder/darker and I see lots people are dressing down for no reason. Well people in Scandinavia usually dress down in winter (even in summer 😀). Today’s post will help you to stay alive and stylish this fall/winter.

First up is BLAZER. A clean blazer will help you stay stylish, you can pair it with dress or pants.

I wore blazer to dinner last night. Buy it here
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LEATHER SKIRTS: Pleated, Fringe , wrap or mini leather Skirt are one of falls 2020 essentials. I am not a fan of leather skirt but I will be wearing a wrap leather skirt with a nice knee boots this season. If you choose to join the trend, style the leather skirt with a nice shirt or cashmere Knit so it doesn’t look trashy. We only do classy!

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THE CLUTH BAG( grab & go): To keep your style alive this season you need to add a clutch bag to your bag collection.

Carried white Bottega Veneta cluth bag
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LOUNGE WEAR: The image of Anna Wintour wearing a pair of red tracksuit bottoms went viral in April, those attuned to the latest trends got a cue on how personal style choices will pan out in the coming months. Since then, loungewear has become everything. I have always been a fan of nice lounge wear.

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THE NEW JEAN SHAPE: skinny jeans is no longer in trend, I personally have disposed most of my skinny jeans. I find them extremely uncomfortable (they are cute and I know skinny jeans will make a come back). I think people are more into something that will make them look comfortable and feel comfortable. High rise/high waist jeans has been in trend for a while and it’s also fall 2020 essential.

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This post is a collaboration with Net-a-porter and “other stories”. Guess what? I will be posting twice a week from next week. It will be Tuesday’s and Friday’s. Tuesday’s post won’t be a traveling or a fashion post. Y’all will have to check in here next week Tuesday to see what it’s about.

Enjoy your weekend.


The bitter bitch club (BBC)

Hi lovelies, 

How are y’all doing? Am looking forward to the weekend as usual, lol. 

Today’s post is about the people who claim to be are your friends. Social media friends, real life friends , co worker friends. The type friends that are never happy about your progress, the ones that never give you a compliment, the ones that thinks you are too extra, the ones that discourages you, the ones that never like your picture or drop a comment on your picture on social media, the ones that always find excuses when you need their help and many more . I called them the “frienemies”. They are friends like  enemies. These people belong to “The bitter bitch club”. 

Why do women always have problems with each other? Why do we dislike each other ?  Why don’t we suppose each other? This questions have been asked millions of times. Some Women can’t  stand the success of another woman. They can’t stand the fact that another woman looks better than.. They are bitter about life. I have recently experienced how I walked into a super market looking all dolled up. A white woman in her 40s was the cashier, she looked at me from head to toe and gave me a bad look for probably looking better than her. She didn’t attend to me in a good manner. She’s probably, single, divorced or unhappy about her life.

This kind of people can’t ruin your day if you come across them. If you ever come across this type people (the bitter bitches )  be bold enough to ask them  questions that will make them feel uncomfortable or rather stay away from their negativity. 

Here’s one of the outfit from my lookbook. Video is available on my YouTube channel. Watch it Here 

For the first time ever I bought something from HM. I find out what I bought from HM in the  description box from the video on my YouTube channel. 

Enjoy the rest of your week 


Lace dress 

  Hi lovelies, 

2 post in a month yayyyy,lol. Most of you know how busy I can be. I was in Bahamas over a week ago. 

This dress was one of the outfit i wore to dinner in Bahamas . I Love the simiplicity but still have the sexiest of its own.

 I have to let y’all know Bahamas is a beautiful place and the people there are one of the most friendly people I ever met. I visited Nassua Bahamas( the capital). Good food and good vibes. 

From 2016 I will start to give y’all tips on how to book your trips, places to visit and when to visit those places.  I have traveled to so many place and I can be your guide/ give tips. This year I have visited places like Bahamas, Dubai, Portugal, France, Spain , Finland , Germany, Monaco, Switerzland , USA, Andorra and many more. I love traveling. 

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Merry Xmas and happy new year in advance 

Stay fabulous ✌️