Sunday look 

Hi guys,

It’s snowing here, I can’t believe it started already. Well that’s what people in Scandinavia have to live with. I paired some of my summer clothes with some winter clothes to get this look. You don’t have to wait for summer to wear some of your clothes. If you move around  by car you can easily rock this look in winter. It looks “churchy” but classy. Not everyday half naked dress,lol. 

How cute are my dogs? They are such a poser! Diamond and pearl needs to be on a magazine cover right? Lol

Outfit Details 

Hat : miss selfridge

Shirt : vero moda

Sweatshirt: minuteo 

Skirt: passport ( it’s a German brand)

Bag : YSL ( Yves Saint Laurent )

Shoe : louboutin “so kate ”

Socks: pretty Polly 

Enjoy the rest of your day 


Am back!

Hi bunnies,

How are y’all doing? I’ve been away from social media for a month! Yes I logged out of all my SM platforms. I even deactivated my Facebook. On a normal day I receive btw 10-15 messages on my Fb messenger, IG and snapchat. I usually don’t reply DMs,cos I find it stressful sometimes. I recently wrote a PFE for some reason. 

 Damn it feels really good, It’s mind refreshing and made me focus more on other stuffs. Honestly I didn’t want to return yet to SM but  most of my friends and fans  won’t let me be away for too long. I wanna say thank you all for all the DMs(even tho am yet to read or reply some of them) calls, whatsapp messages and more. Guys taking a break from SM is very needed,trust me. I will be doing more of it when I go on vacation but don’t worry I will post my vacation pictures on my blog and on  SM when I return from my vacation, that sound like a good deal right?  Honestly I have been having fun after I wrote my PFE.

  My two earlier post on my blog was posted by my friend that I added to the admin. I want to say thank you to Candice . You can see there are some changes on my blog. Google started running ad on my blog(which means 💸) and some other changes too, all thanks to Candice Davids. I have lots of picture to post from past weeks. But first what y’all think about this look? 

Top :

Jeans: Gstar 

Shoe : Casadei 

Cross bag : Gucci 

Coat : Hugo Boss 

This Gucci bag is so far my  favorite accessories for this fall 2016,cos If you know me  well, you will know I don’t  like big bags in winter. I think cross bag makes your outfit look more chic. 

Btw I am doing 6 weeks give away. Who’s ready? 

Have a nice weekend y’all. 


The girlie look 

Hi fam,

 How’s your week going? Mine is going perfecty well. Two post in one week?! Yes! I can’t believe it myself.  Am trying to be a better blogger. Here’s another outfit I wore while I was in Cannes France. I visited Grasse France to shop for perfumes . It’s an hour drive away from Cannes. Grasse is known for making good perfumes. All luxurious perfumes takes at least one or two scents from Grasse. Learn more about Grasse Here

Top : find it  Here

Skirt : find it  Here

Bag : find it Here

Sandal (old). Fins similar Here

Have a Licious week y’all