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It’s getting colder/darker and I see lots people are dressing down for no reason. Well people in Scandinavia usually dress down in winter (even in summer 😀). Today’s post will help you to stay alive and stylish this fall/winter.

First up is BLAZER. A clean blazer will help you stay stylish, you can pair it with dress or pants.

I wore blazer to dinner last night. Buy it here
Buy the black blazer here

LEATHER SKIRTS: Pleated, Fringe , wrap or mini leather Skirt are one of falls 2020 essentials. I am not a fan of leather skirt but I will be wearing a wrap leather skirt with a nice knee boots this season. If you choose to join the trend, style the leather skirt with a nice shirt or cashmere Knit so it doesn’t look trashy. We only do classy!

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Buy it here

THE CLUTH BAG( grab & go): To keep your style alive this season you need to add a clutch bag to your bag collection.

Carried white Bottega Veneta cluth bag
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LOUNGE WEAR: The image of Anna Wintour wearing a pair of red tracksuit bottoms went viral in April, those attuned to the latest trends got a cue on how personal style choices will pan out in the coming months. Since then, loungewear has become everything. I have always been a fan of nice lounge wear.

Buy this here and more variations

THE NEW JEAN SHAPE: skinny jeans is no longer in trend, I personally have disposed most of my skinny jeans. I find them extremely uncomfortable (they are cute and I know skinny jeans will make a come back). I think people are more into something that will make them look comfortable and feel comfortable. High rise/high waist jeans has been in trend for a while and it’s also fall 2020 essential.

Buy it here
Buy it here

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Birthday vacation

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I’m sorry for my absence. I was so lazy last Friday and was busy sipping champagne,lol. I hope y’all are doing great. Y’all will get two post this week as compensation, that’s fair right?,lol.

I have just uploaded my birthday vlog on my YouTube channel. That’s where you will catch all the news I kept away from y’all. Pls don’t forget to subscribe to my channel. And follow me on Instagram @debralicious

Here is the link to my birthday vlog https://youtu.be/rB9pCGAooHk enjoy it.

Have a great week y’all and I will see y’all on Friday in my next post.

Autumn 2020 Trends: The New Fashion Looks You Need to have in your closet

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How are y’all doing? It has been a while since I did the traditional blog post, Like a fashion post. I really want to go back to the old days. Anyways here’s the beginning of a new start. Let me say a new post every Friday. That makes sense right?. In order for you to stay updated you have to sign up for my newsletter so you don’t miss a thing.

It’s September and that means the cold days has begun. Many people usually don’t care for their fashion style during autumn/winter. This post will guide you to stay in style/trend. Am not a trendy person, I am stylish. Sometimes some trends are stylish and will remain trendy for a long time. Ok here we go enough explanation.

Capes : cape is back in the fashion world. It has always being there but it’s one of autumn 2020 trend. I love the Gucci reversible cape, meaning you can wear it in two ways. I have this Gucci cape in brown. The Burberry is also a nice one.

Buy the Gucci here
Buy the Burberry here
Buy a budget cape here

Sleeveless : sleeveless vest, jacket, knit and blazers are also back. If you have some of these, it’s time you dust them off.

This Ganni sleeveless is chic Buy it here
This MK vest is everything Buy it here
I have something very similar to this. Mine is from weekend max Mara. This is from Theory. Buy it here

Brown : Brown color is one of 2020 autumn’s trend. Brown has always been one of my favorite color. Here are some nice brown outfit

This whole Staud outfit is everything. Am buying this for sure Buy it here
This Fendi knit is something you can wear years after years. I like to invest in a good knit. I like the fact that it’s not screaming FENDI all over. Buy it here
This is a good budget knit Buy it here

Denim: well denim is not a trend, it’s a everyday outfit, this year’s autumn denim trend is a denim jumpsuit. I love jumpsuit. You stay warm with a denim jumpsuit

This is from Etica Buy it here
This is from free people Buy it here

Tiger print: I like animal print, even though I don’t have more than two animal prints in my closet. I like leopard print. Anyways tiger print is one of the year’s autumn trend . I might pass on this one. This might be your thing

Buy it here

Natural tone with blue styled: this is something I wear regularly. A per of jean and a blue shirt with a nude shoe and bag or a nude outfit with a blue pop shoe. I have seen a lot of people wear this combination, I guess it’s a trend.

Bright Pop Color Suits: If you live in Paris, London , New York , LA or a big city, this is for you. I live in Gothenburg and this bright color suits will make people stare at me even more, unfortunately I won’t be buying this. It’s not my style. This might be a thing for you.

Flared jeans: you will see a lot of flare jeans this autumn. I like it cos it give your body a flattering look.

Buy the jeans here

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5 social media clothing brands you shouldn’t buy!

Hey lovelies!

How’s your week going? Mine is going as well. Last night I had a conversation with some friends on the phone (group call) about them being mislead by Instagram bloggers,lol.

Let me break it down for y’all…. instagram is a place where bloggers use to make awareness for clothing, shoes and cosmetics brands. The idea is for bloggers to convince you to like and buy the product. What you don’t know is 95% of the pictures and videos bloggers post on Instagram are 100% edited. We all edit our pictures to make it look finer and better but bloggers editing is extreme. They make cheap cloths look like expensive.

I bought a trouser pant few months ago, which I saw on a blogger. Firstly it took them 3 weeks to deliver my order but on their website states it takes 5 working days.

Secondly they lied about their location. It’s located in China not United Kingdom. I saw it on the delivery address.

Thirdly my expectations was high but when my order finally arrived I was really disappointed. Well the name of the clothing brand is Missyempire. I experienced same thing with Chicwish 4 years ago.

We all know how Americans celebrities and bloggers hyped “fashion nova”. Trust me the quality is below poor.

I prefer quality to quantity. We all know quality last longer. Buying all this cheap Instagram brands won’t save you no money. Be wise!

Here are the list of 5 clothing brands you shouldn’t buy!

  • Chicwish
  • Parisian_wholesale
  • Fashion nova
  • Misspap
  • Missyempire

Thanks for reading. Have a fabulous Thursday y’all.


How to be successful in 2017

Hi lovelies ,

This post is totally different from my usual post. It’s my platform and I want to use it to inspire people not only fashion wise but in other ways. How’s your 2017 going? It’s going ok for me. I have seen anyone testify about a new achievement this year. 

You don’t have to wait till December  2017 before you make things happen. You probably have been struggling to make it work, to get rich or richer. I wanna be richer, I want to be the first black women to be……., I will unleash that soon. How hard have you been trying?   You might be doing something wrong. Your plan might not be a plan after all. You are probably doing so many things at the same time, which makes you loose focus. 

Here are somethings you need to do to make you successful in year 2017.

1) Identify your passion : Before you can achieve success, you will have to define what success means to you. 

2) Make a list of your goals and what you might do to achieve them: Address  both and short and long term goals. Think beyond financial/ career goals. 

3) Live purposefully : In order to achieve your dreams and be the person you want to be, you will have to start paying attention to ur actions. Ask yourself ,”is what am doing going to lead me to where I want to be in life?”. 

4) Be educated :  Education is the key to success. Even if you want to be a business man or woman you will need the knowledge on how to handle the business. it’s never to late to go back to school. There’s are so many people who says I wished I studied something different. Time goes fast, before you know it you are done with the new course you take on. You will smile at the end rather than spending the rest of your life regretting on your mistakes. 

5) Manage your finances : Manage your money will help ensure your financial stability over time . Keep tracks of your expenses, understand your income , prioritize your spending and save money. 

6) Manage  your time : Time is money! Waiting to do stuffs till last minute can cause stress and increase the likehood of errors and negligence. Manage your time so you have enough time to complete tasks effectively. 

7) Don’t  compare your own life to other people’s lives:  Don’t measure your success by comparing it to the ones around you. All fingers are not equal. 

8) Count your blessings: no matter how much you have achieve in life you will always feel unhappy if you constantly focus on what you don’t have . Devote time every day to appreciate the things you do have. Beyond materials things , Appreciate your loved ones and unforgettable moments. 

9) Look after your health:  health is wealth they say. An healthy person thinks better. Eat clean , drink water everyday and stay fit. An healthy body gets an healthy mindset. 

10) Enviroment: surround yourself with positive minded  people that will inspire you or encourage you to do better or be better. Do away with the negative minded people. Stay away from people that feel comfortable with their current situation. 

Have you seen my February lookbook ? This outfit is one of the looks. Outfit detail is located in the description box.  Watch it here https://youtu.be/nayrrPtr6rw

I hope you got something from my little tips.  Have a nice weekend y’all.