Wifey/side chic/go-getter 

Hi ladies , 

Am back! Who miss  me? 

This post is for the ladies, fellas you can tell your woman to read this. 

I got inspired to write this post by a friend. She used my pictures as a memes. I took the pictures and stared at it.

I thought it was funny but it got me thinking. I asked her what was she thinking when she combined both pictures.  She said her brother saw my pictures and wished he had a woman like me that  can be à wife, hardworking and a side chic at the same time. I laughed. 

I decided to write a post about how we women neglect out sexiness after we marry, how we stopped caring about our body after we have a baby and how we stopped caring about our partners feeling about. I know it’s difficult to get that body back after giving birth to a child but that should not be an excuse . It’s difficult to give your man the full time you use to give him because the time is now divided into two, yes we get it. Do you make that little time special? I guess not. Am not saying every women loose their sexiness but most women stopped caring about their sexiness.  

Sexiness isn’t just about wearing sexy clothes or having a big booty/big boobs . For me sexiness is about working hard for every penny, looking good for your man, being a beautiful mother and a wife. Let’s focus about the sexiness for your men. If we stop being sexy/ dress nicely for our men there’s 100% chance he will cheat on you. Yes I said it!. Men will always be men, they look at attractive good looking women simply because they are attractive/good looking. 

Tips on how to keep your sexiness going. 

  1. Love your body and be bold enough to show it off.
  2. Don’t let the title called marriage stop you from being you, cause the world  thinks a married woman or a mother should dress some type of way. Am not saying you should walk around half naked. You can be sexy  by  being  fully/well dressed. You can work/relate with the above pictures.
  3. Always buy some new sexy under wear just for him.
  4. Go to the gym to work that body and eat health. 
  5. Pajamas partly with friends to give each other tips on how to spice things up is good for you. 
  6. Ask him what he will like you to do that you haven’t done before ( be adventurous with him). 
  7. Go on a date with him like it’s your first time going out with him.
  8. Be his wife and his side chic . Yes you have to be both! Send him a text just like a side chic . Send him a text like this when he’s at the office ” Boo when am I seeing you ?”, ” are we going out tonight ?” Come up with something that will put a smile on his face  that will make him to look forward to seeing  his beautiful wife. 
  9. Go on vacation with him, it’s a good therapy for your marriage . 
  10. Tell him how you want it . It’s freaking sexy!       

I hope you got one or more tips from this post. Bring the sexy back!

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Have a nice Sunday . 


The little black dress 

Hi lovelies, 

I hope y’all are enjoying your holiday season? I’m enjoying mine with a good “surprise gift “I received yesterday and good vibes. 

Here’s what I wore on Christmas Day. A simple but classy dress. Sometimes I Just don’t want to be the point of attraction, so I turned it down a little,lol. 


Dress : French connection 

Shoe: Gianvito Rossi 

Bag : Sonia Rykiel

Enjoy your the rest of your day 


Wedding guest 

 Hi bunnies, 

I attended a wedding yesterday. This was what I wore. Too much as for guest? Naaaa,lol. 

I bet they knew Debralicious was gonna come like this,lol. My friend Alma took this pictures . She’s the one in the red dress. Details below. 


Dress by Dagmar  ( Swedish design)

Shoe by Gianvito Rossi 

Purse by lipsy 

Alma’s Detail 

Dress by DKNY 

Shoe by Alaia 

Purse by Versace 

Have a lovely evening y’all