Autumn 2020 Trends: The New Fashion Looks You Need to have in your closet

Hey y’all,

How are y’all doing? It has been a while since I did the traditional blog post, Like a fashion post. I really want to go back to the old days. Anyways here’s the beginning of a new start. Let me say a new post every Friday. That makes sense right?. In order for you to stay updated you have to sign up for my newsletter so you don’t miss a thing.

It’s September and that means the cold days has begun. Many people usually don’t care for their fashion style during autumn/winter. This post will guide you to stay in style/trend. Am not a trendy person, I am stylish. Sometimes some trends are stylish and will remain trendy for a long time. Ok here we go enough explanation.

Capes : cape is back in the fashion world. It has always being there but it’s one of autumn 2020 trend. I love the Gucci reversible cape, meaning you can wear it in two ways. I have this Gucci cape in brown. The Burberry is also a nice one.

Buy the Gucci here
Buy the Burberry here
Buy a budget cape here

Sleeveless : sleeveless vest, jacket, knit and blazers are also back. If you have some of these, it’s time you dust them off.

This Ganni sleeveless is chic Buy it here
This MK vest is everything Buy it here
I have something very similar to this. Mine is from weekend max Mara. This is from Theory. Buy it here

Brown : Brown color is one of 2020 autumn’s trend. Brown has always been one of my favorite color. Here are some nice brown outfit

This whole Staud outfit is everything. Am buying this for sure Buy it here
This Fendi knit is something you can wear years after years. I like to invest in a good knit. I like the fact that it’s not screaming FENDI all over. Buy it here
This is a good budget knit Buy it here

Denim: well denim is not a trend, it’s a everyday outfit, this year’s autumn denim trend is a denim jumpsuit. I love jumpsuit. You stay warm with a denim jumpsuit

This is from Etica Buy it here
This is from free people Buy it here

Tiger print: I like animal print, even though I don’t have more than two animal prints in my closet. I like leopard print. Anyways tiger print is one of the year’s autumn trend . I might pass on this one. This might be your thing

Buy it here

Natural tone with blue styled: this is something I wear regularly. A per of jean and a blue shirt with a nude shoe and bag or a nude outfit with a blue pop shoe. I have seen a lot of people wear this combination, I guess it’s a trend.

Bright Pop Color Suits: If you live in Paris, London , New York , LA or a big city, this is for you. I live in Gothenburg and this bright color suits will make people stare at me even more, unfortunately I won’t be buying this. It’s not my style. This might be a thing for you.

Flared jeans: you will see a lot of flare jeans this autumn. I like it cos it give your body a flattering look.

Buy the jeans here

I will be back next week with something new. Subscribe to my newsletter so you don’t miss a thing. I am affiliated with Net a porter and Åhléns, so if you buy some of these outfit, I will make some money 😀. Happy shopping.

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Terrible or terrific ? ( Leopard print) 

Hi readers , 

How’s your week going? 

I’m currently battling with pollen allergy. I’m a victim every spring. Poor me. 

I met a lady yesterday who told me she reads my blog but doesn’t like the fact that I wore leopard print. She saw the picture on My Instagram

The things we wear are our personal choice. I dress up for me and sometimes put my hubby into consideration. I personal love leopard prints.  Do you care about people’s option about your appearance ? Today’s society decide on how we should look or what we should wear.  shouldn’t people wear what they want Just because you are a vegan ?  

Do you think this outfit is Terrible or terrific ? My hubby likes it 💁.

Wear what you want to wear. I don’t support going naked in the name of fashion. The most important thing is you are comfortable and happy in your skin. 

I have a new lookbook on my  YouTube channel .  Click the link watch Here . 

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Have a nice evening y’all. 


Becoming a YouTuber( Too cool for YouTube!/intro video)

Hi guys,

How are y’all doing? I have gone MIA again on my blog 😫. That spirt of me not posting regularly shall be demolish,lol. 

Well I haven’t been just laying on my bed. I have been working with so many things. Well the least I can share with you guys for now is to let y’all know that I’m now a YouTuber. So many of you suggested  I start a YouTube channel. Thank you all for the words of encouragement.  That won’t stop me from posting pictures and outfits details here. 

My YouTube channel will be about fashion vlog, chitchat and travel vlog. 

I have a video up and ready to watch. Click Here to watch my first YouTube video. 
Here’s some pictures I took when I was in ROME. 


Tunika : selectedfemme 

Sweatshirt: only

Skirt : Topshop 

Sneaky: Valentino 

Bag: Gucci 

Enjoy the rest of your week. 


Am back!

Hi bunnies,

How are y’all doing? I’ve been away from social media for a month! Yes I logged out of all my SM platforms. I even deactivated my Facebook. On a normal day I receive btw 10-15 messages on my Fb messenger, IG and snapchat. I usually don’t reply DMs,cos I find it stressful sometimes. I recently wrote a PFE for some reason. 

 Damn it feels really good, It’s mind refreshing and made me focus more on other stuffs. Honestly I didn’t want to return yet to SM but  most of my friends and fans  won’t let me be away for too long. I wanna say thank you all for all the DMs(even tho am yet to read or reply some of them) calls, whatsapp messages and more. Guys taking a break from SM is very needed,trust me. I will be doing more of it when I go on vacation but don’t worry I will post my vacation pictures on my blog and on  SM when I return from my vacation, that sound like a good deal right?  Honestly I have been having fun after I wrote my PFE.

  My two earlier post on my blog was posted by my friend that I added to the admin. I want to say thank you to Candice . You can see there are some changes on my blog. Google started running ad on my blog(which means 💸) and some other changes too, all thanks to Candice Davids. I have lots of picture to post from past weeks. But first what y’all think about this look? 

Top :

Jeans: Gstar 

Shoe : Casadei 

Cross bag : Gucci 

Coat : Hugo Boss 

This Gucci bag is so far my  favorite accessories for this fall 2016,cos If you know me  well, you will know I don’t  like big bags in winter. I think cross bag makes your outfit look more chic. 

Btw I am doing 6 weeks give away. Who’s ready? 

Have a nice weekend y’all. 


The girlie look 

Hi fam,

 How’s your week going? Mine is going perfecty well. Two post in one week?! Yes! I can’t believe it myself.  Am trying to be a better blogger. Here’s another outfit I wore while I was in Cannes France. I visited Grasse France to shop for perfumes . It’s an hour drive away from Cannes. Grasse is known for making good perfumes. All luxurious perfumes takes at least one or two scents from Grasse. Learn more about Grasse Here

Top : find it  Here

Skirt : find it  Here

Bag : find it Here

Sandal (old). Fins similar Here

Have a Licious week y’all