Lekki Massacre

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How are you all doing?. It has been a very rough week for me mentally and probably for most Nigerians, some Africans in Africa and in diaspora. Unfortunately today’s topic is not a travel post or fashion tips. I would like to use my platform to talk about the ongoing problem in Nigeria. For the past two weeks there has been an ongoing protest against police brutality called #endsars, #endswat. Police brutality has been going on for decades a Nigeria. fortunately the youths got tired and decided to protest that enough is enough. what is SARS ? , according to the government of Nigeria SARS is The Special Anti-Robbery Squad (SARS) was a branch of the Nigeria Police Force under the State Criminal Investigation and Intelligence Department (SCIID). The Police Department was founded in 1992.

SARS has been maltreating youths in Nigeria. they arrest youths that look good because of what the wear or because of the car they drive, The funniest thing is they arrest youths because of iPhone 11. That sounds funny right ? yes they really do arrest youths because of the materialistic things they have. Luckily one of Nigerian celebrities made an awareness on social media two weeks ago to start a protest against police brutality. After 5 to 7 days of the protest the government decides to respond by informing Nigerians that SARS will be reformed. The government decided to give SARS a new name called SWAT. Nigerian youths didn’t agree to it they wanted/still want the whole SARS/SWAT time to be demolished. unfortunately the Nigerian government disagreed with Nigerian youths, they decided to respond by attacking the protesters at Lekki toll gate on 20th of October 2020 by sending soldiers to kill some of the protesters. I personally saw the attack live and direct on DJ switch’s Instagram live.

According to the news about 38 people died. It took the president of Nigeria two days to address the nation about the incident that happened on 20th of October, unfortunately the president of Nigeria didn’t respond the way did Nigerians wanted him to respond. There was no sign of sympathy or empathy in his 12 minutes edited video that people saw yesterday 22nd of October. Nigeria is a big country with lots of talents , oil ,gold,diamond , smart educated people. The problem Nigeria have is the bad leader ship. There are two big parties in Nigeria that has been leading the country for the past 60 years to my knowledge, which are PDP and APC. Hi hope Nigerians are ready to vote for another party which will provide a young fresh mind, somebody willing to change the country somebody willing to give Nigerians better roads ,education, security, and make them feel like a citizen of Nigeria.

I like Nigerians and Nigeria as a country. Lagos is one of my favorite city. A city full of life and fun people. God bless Nigeria and Nigerians. I will be back next week with a fun post. Y’all have a wonderful weekend and stay safe .

PS: you can watch a full video of what happened on DJ switch’s page on Instagram. She just posted a video of the incident. Watch it Here

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These countries welcomes international tourists

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Thank God it’s Friday. I hope you all had a marvelous week. I am currently on my way to the UK. As you all know I love traveling, fashion and traveling is my thing. I have been recently asked many times which countries can tourists travel to at the moment, due to the ongoing pandemic. There has been different restrictions for different countries lately, so I took my time to check some countries that I know might interest my readers who are willing to travel in the upcoming weeks . Firstly I have to say rules and regulations are being changed from time to time so I will recommend you check the country’s website

Here are some countries welcoming tourists


Malta reopened for tourism in July in two phases: initially allowing residents from 22 European countries to visit from July 1, followed by travellers from everywhere else on July 15. Visitors aren’t required to self-quarantine upon arrival, but can expect thermal screenings. Arrivals must also fill in a self-declaration form that includes details of their movement for the last 30 days.


Greece is one of the warmest countries in Europe, luckily the temperature stays warm till end of December. COVID-19 test (PCR and/or serology) are required for entry for some travelers. Refer to travel.gov.gr for detailed information on PCR test requirements, depending on departure point and port of entry into Greece.


From 15th July , tourists from all destinations have been allowed to travel to the Maldives., All arrivals must be able to present a Covid-19 PCR negative certificate, taken no more than 72 hours prior to departure. Island hopping, or visiting more than one resort, which was previously banned, has also been permitted again from September 10.


Zanzibar is one of my favorite places. I visited two years and I was so stunned by the beauty of the place and by the culture of the country, and ofc the friendliness of the people. The good news is Tanzanian has reopened the country for all international tourists. The 14 day mandatory quarantine for visitors entering the country has also been lifted. You can watch my Zanzibar vlog Here


This country is on my on list. I’ll be visiting soon. luckily international tourist are welcome.


If you missed this years Rio carnival, there’s possibility that the carnival will hold next year February, cos all international tourists are now welcome. I will be there, it’s time for some Samba,lol.

Lastly All African countries welcome international tourist, but you have to show your COVID-19 test results on arrival.

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Birthday vacation

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I’m sorry for my absence. I was so lazy last Friday and was busy sipping champagne,lol. I hope y’all are doing great. Y’all will get two post this week as compensation, that’s fair right?,lol.

I have just uploaded my birthday vlog on my YouTube channel. That’s where you will catch all the news I kept away from y’all. Pls don’t forget to subscribe to my channel. And follow me on Instagram @debralicious

Here is the link to my birthday vlog https://youtu.be/rB9pCGAooHk enjoy it.

Have a great week y’all and I will see y’all on Friday in my next post.

5 luxury items to never buy!

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Thank God it’s Friday. I hope y’all had a great week. I’m currently on another getaway again,lol. Unfortunately Today’s post isn’t a travel blog that I promised y’all. I will post it next week Friday.

Today’s post is to enlighten you about 5 luxury items you should never buy. I see a lot of people do it and I shake my head. I like luxury but there are some things that don’t make sense, cos they are seasonal.


Spoiling your kids is a surefire way to make them demanding, ungrateful and entitled.It seems more like a delusional thing that you’ve picked up from Instagram or some celebrity hero worship. Not everyone has the same life and the same means.

Hell, even people WITH lots of money put their kids in practical clothes. I read somewhere that Cardi B’s ridiculously monikered baby girl, for whom she is already amassing a collection of designer clothes and who is pushed around in a gilded, winged chariot is currently wearing target onesies because babies puke and poop on everything. Kids grow so fast. Put that money in a savings for them.

NR 2 : DESIGNER PHONE CASES; designer phone case makes not sense to me. We all know that iPhone and Samsung drop new phones every year, which means you will have to change your phone case if you buy a new phone. What will you do with the old one? No one will buy it, waste of money. Just buy something simple and cheap, and don’t forget no one is looking out for your designer phone case.

NR 3: DESIGNER TRAVEL LUGGAGE; Expensive” is an individual judgement. What do you think is expensive? It’s not worth buying luggage at the highest end of the price range for some item. You’re always paying extra for fashion or branding at that price level.

It is not worth buying luggage at the lowest end of the price range either. This is not well constructed and will not be durable. I recently wrote about what you should look for when buying luggage. It applies whether you travel frequently or infrequently because you do not want your luggage to fail and lose your possessions, even if you travel rarely. The luggage should be durable enough to survive the trip, every time. The way they throw luggage at the airport is annoying. I have a weekend designer bag and of cause I will never check it in.

NR 4: EXPENSIVE FURNITURES; what people don’t know is home furniture are also a trend. I don’t have the same sofa I had 5 years ago, cos the sofa I had few years ago is no longer in vogue. I don’t buy trendy clothing but my home furniture is something I like to update. So why buy a sofa for 5,000$? I will never spend more than 2000$ on sofa and the reason why I will spend that much is because of the quality. expensive furniture is not worth buying.

NR 5: DESIGNER FINE JEWELRY; let me start by saying you learn from your mistakes, I bought a designer fine earrings two years ago, which I wore few times. I got tired of it and decided to sell it, unfortunately I had difficulties with selling it, cos my buyer wanted to buy it cheap. It lost its value as soon as the designer drops a new one. I will advise to invest in gold, Diamond or buy vintage designer jewelry.

Ok that’s it on today’s post. It’s your choice what you spend your money on but I won’t do any of the above. wishing y’all a fabulous weekend.


Chanel shopping spree

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I hope y’all are having a great week & thank God it’s Friday!. This week has been a super busy week for me. I will be busy all weekend, but I’m not complaining cos it’s all for a cause.

I recently visited Chanel store in Stockholm and bought myself a Chanel shoe and bag. I am not new to Chanel, I bought a Chanel jumbo flap Lamb skin bag 3 years ago but I sold it after two weeks, cos it was too big for my style.

Ever since then I didn’t bother to buy another Chanel bag. I was actually going for a Hermès Kelly 25 bag, but It is not available. Well it’s at least a year or two on a waiting list if you are going to a Hermès Kelly bag directly from Hermès. I will wait, cos I don’t want to spent so much money and end up buying the fake from a retailer.

I bought a Chanel small flap Caviar skin in Stockholm . I’m so pleased with the purchase. Even though the price of Chanel increased drastically this year. The bag I bought was 4600 dollars earlier this year. I should have bought it then, anyways I paid 6400 dollars for it. I deserve it. I’m a good girl, lol. Well my shopping spree didn’t end there, lol. I went ahead and bought a Chanel shoe. Why not? Life is for living and living is doing what makes you happy.

What a babe right?, lol .

If you want to see more of my Chanel shopping spree, I posted a video on my YouTube channel” Unboxing Chanel . Have a look. https://youtu.be/14RYsUzGdVg

Y’all have a great weekend . I will see y’all next Friday right here.