Birthday vacation

Hi guys!

I’m sorry for my absence. I was so lazy last Friday and was busy sipping champagne,lol. I hope y’all are doing great. Y’all will get two post this week as compensation, that’s fair right?,lol.

I have just uploaded my birthday vlog on my YouTube channel. That’s where you will catch all the news I kept away from y’all. Pls don’t forget to subscribe to my channel. And follow me on Instagram @debralicious

Here is the link to my birthday vlog enjoy it.

Have a great week y’all and I will see y’all on Friday in my next post.

5 luxury items to never buy!

Hi y’all,

Thank God it’s Friday. I hope y’all had a great week. I’m currently on another getaway again,lol. Unfortunately Today’s post isn’t a travel blog that I promised y’all. I will post it next week Friday.

Today’s post is to enlighten you about 5 luxury items you should never buy. I see a lot of people do it and I shake my head. I like luxury but there are some things that don’t make sense, cos they are seasonal.


Spoiling your kids is a surefire way to make them demanding, ungrateful and entitled.It seems more like a delusional thing that you’ve picked up from Instagram or some celebrity hero worship. Not everyone has the same life and the same means.

Hell, even people WITH lots of money put their kids in practical clothes. I read somewhere that Cardi B’s ridiculously monikered baby girl, for whom she is already amassing a collection of designer clothes and who is pushed around in a gilded, winged chariot is currently wearing target onesies because babies puke and poop on everything. Kids grow so fast. Put that money in a savings for them.

NR 2 : DESIGNER PHONE CASES; designer phone case makes not sense to me. We all know that iPhone and Samsung drop new phones every year, which means you will have to change your phone case if you buy a new phone. What will you do with the old one? No one will buy it, waste of money. Just buy something simple and cheap, and don’t forget no one is looking out for your designer phone case.

NR 3: DESIGNER TRAVEL LUGGAGE; Expensive” is an individual judgement. What do you think is expensive? It’s not worth buying luggage at the highest end of the price range for some item. You’re always paying extra for fashion or branding at that price level.

It is not worth buying luggage at the lowest end of the price range either. This is not well constructed and will not be durable. I recently wrote about what you should look for when buying luggage. It applies whether you travel frequently or infrequently because you do not want your luggage to fail and lose your possessions, even if you travel rarely. The luggage should be durable enough to survive the trip, every time. The way they throw luggage at the airport is annoying. I have a weekend designer bag and of cause I will never check it in.

NR 4: EXPENSIVE FURNITURES; what people don’t know is home furniture are also a trend. I don’t have the same sofa I had 5 years ago, cos the sofa I had few years ago is no longer in vogue. I don’t buy trendy clothing but my home furniture is something I like to update. So why buy a sofa for 5,000$? I will never spend more than 2000$ on sofa and the reason why I will spend that much is because of the quality. expensive furniture is not worth buying.

NR 5: DESIGNER FINE JEWELRY; let me start by saying you learn from your mistakes, I bought a designer fine earrings two years ago, which I wore few times. I got tired of it and decided to sell it, unfortunately I had difficulties with selling it, cos my buyer wanted to buy it cheap. It lost its value as soon as the designer drops a new one. I will advise to invest in gold, Diamond or buy vintage designer jewelry.

Ok that’s it on today’s post. It’s your choice what you spend your money on but I won’t do any of the above. wishing y’all a fabulous weekend.



Hello lovelies,

It’s another Friday blog post. I hope y’all are doing well. I was so close to not posting today, cos I’m currently on vacation. Bae declared this week as my birthday week. We are celebrating me the whole week. I did something I have been wanting to do. I’m really excited 😊. I will make a post about it soon,my “birthcation”. Today’s post is to hint ladies about the trendy cute shoes people are wearing this fall.

First on my list today is the boot ankle boots from Bottega veneta , this shoe is a vibe for me. The color is vibrant. you can wear it with any type of outfit.

Shop it here

Second on my list today is the platform mules from Jimmy Choo. I’ve done this trend before. I don’t know if I will jump on this trend but I’m loving it on people.

Buy it here

Another shoe trend on my list today is the Prada boots. I call it influencers boots,lol. 99% of the influencers I follow on Instagram have posted this boot on their story/timeline. I think it’s cute but I’m finding it difficult to like it. It won’t fit my style. Another problem with trendy things is,it won’t be here next season. I hardly buy trendy items.

Find it here

Next on my list today is this cute ankle boots from Valentino. I’m a huge fan of Valentino. I have at least six pairs of Valentino shoes. I find them very comfortable and stylish. I’m definitely buying this shoe. I am contemplating on buy the beige color but the black color will go with everything.

Buy it here

Last on my list today is the One and only cutest strap heels I have seen this year. Amina Muaddi shoes is not new to the shoe industry but I didn’t join the party on time. I love this color and it fits for fall. This will be my party shoe this fall.

Buy it here

That’s all for this post . Let’s me continue sipping on my champagne 🍾. I will see y’all next Friday in a new blog post. Have a splendid weekend 🤞🏾

Chanel shopping spree

Hello lovelies,

I hope y’all are having a great week & thank God it’s Friday!. This week has been a super busy week for me. I will be busy all weekend, but I’m not complaining cos it’s all for a cause.

I recently visited Chanel store in Stockholm and bought myself a Chanel shoe and bag. I am not new to Chanel, I bought a Chanel jumbo flap Lamb skin bag 3 years ago but I sold it after two weeks, cos it was too big for my style.

Ever since then I didn’t bother to buy another Chanel bag. I was actually going for a Hermès Kelly 25 bag, but It is not available. Well it’s at least a year or two on a waiting list if you are going to a Hermès Kelly bag directly from Hermès. I will wait, cos I don’t want to spent so much money and end up buying the fake from a retailer.

I bought a Chanel small flap Caviar skin in Stockholm . I’m so pleased with the purchase. Even though the price of Chanel increased drastically this year. The bag I bought was 4600 dollars earlier this year. I should have bought it then, anyways I paid 6400 dollars for it. I deserve it. I’m a good girl, lol. Well my shopping spree didn’t end there, lol. I went ahead and bought a Chanel shoe. Why not? Life is for living and living is doing what makes you happy.

What a babe right?, lol .

If you want to see more of my Chanel shopping spree, I posted a video on my YouTube channel” Unboxing Chanel . Have a look.

Y’all have a great weekend . I will see y’all next Friday right here.



Hello there,

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On today’s topic of “why are these fragrances so popular”?. If you know me or follow me on Instagram (@debralicious) you probably noticed that I talk about fragrance from time to time. PS ”smelling good is a business”.

Earlier this year I noticed so many influencers posted same fragrance on their feed. I thought it was an ad for Byredo , yes some were collaboration and some just jumped on the wagon. I was curious about the smell of the fragrance. Unfortunately/luckily I didn’t jump on the wagon until three weeks ago. I visited NK fragrance department in Gothenburg with a friend. I found out that Byredo have 58 different scents, that got me confused. I quickly went on Instagram to see which one the influencers posted the most. 90% of them posted “Byredo Ghost Mojave”. Sadly I wasn’t impressed and I hoped it would get better, cos I had a flu but it didn’t get any better.

The pros: The packaging is really good. The bottle is something different and looks very feminine.

The cons: The smell isn’t long lasting, it fades away after 30 minutes or so. It’s way too pricy, 130$ for 50ml and 200$ for 100 ml. I expected much more from the most hyped fragrance in year 2020. Maybe the other 57 bottles smells better but I won’t be trying them.

The next fragrance is another Swedish brand by Stora skuggan . This was only seen on the Swedish influencers feed, mainly because the brand doesn’t sell internationally. I decided to give it a try.

The pros: Nice package and the bottle is really beautiful. Long lasting scent

The cons: Awful scent, I didn’t like the scent at all. This fragrance is not for me. I felt old when I wore it, may be it’s something I will like when I turn 50,lol. Stora Skuggan have 4 other fragrances that I haven’t tried. Maybe just maybe sometime in the future I will try their other scents . Lastly, it is pricy. 120$ for 30ml. All the five fragrances all comes in 30ml.

The last Swedish fragrance on my list today is my first ever Vegan perfume by Björk and berries . All thanks to @Slipintostyle for posting it on her IG story. As a perfumer, I got curious and immediately ordered it. Surprisingly “September by björk and berries didn’t disappoint. This will be part of my collection. Love it

The pros: Eco packaging, worth the money and long lasting scent. 99$ for 50ml.

The cons: absolutely nothing!

Lastly my first ever Danish fragrance by Zarkoperfume . I came across this sometime last year but didn’t care for it. A friend gave me as a gift two months ago. I’m loving it. This brand have more than 12 different scents. I am looking forward to trying them all.

The pros: long lasting and fresh scent. Reasonable price. 110$ for 100ml.

The cons: absolutely nothing!

Björk& berries and Zarkoperfume are my recommendations. PS this is not a sponsored post. Like they say one mans food is another mans poison, Stora Skugan and Byredo is probably your thing. Give it a try!

Thanks for reading and see you next Friday. Have a nice weekend.