The bitter bitch club (BBC)

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How are y’all doing? Am looking forward to the weekend as usual, lol. 

Today’s post is about the people who claim to be are your friends. Social media friends, real life friends , co worker friends. The type friends that are never happy about your progress, the ones that never give you a compliment, the ones that thinks you are too extra, the ones that discourages you, the ones that never like your picture or drop a comment on your picture on social media, the ones that always find excuses when you need their help and many more . I called them the “frienemies”. They are friends like  enemies. These people belong to “The bitter bitch club”. 

Why do women always have problems with each other? Why do we dislike each other ?  Why don’t we suppose each other? This questions have been asked millions of times. Some Women can’t  stand the success of another woman. They can’t stand the fact that another woman looks better than.. They are bitter about life. I have recently experienced how I walked into a super market looking all dolled up. A white woman in her 40s was the cashier, she looked at me from head to toe and gave me a bad look for probably looking better than her. She didn’t attend to me in a good manner. She’s probably, single, divorced or unhappy about her life.

This kind of people can’t ruin your day if you come across them. If you ever come across this type people (the bitter bitches )  be bold enough to ask them  questions that will make them feel uncomfortable or rather stay away from their negativity. 

Here’s one of the outfit from my lookbook. Video is available on my YouTube channel. Watch it Here 

For the first time ever I bought something from HM. I find out what I bought from HM in the  description box from the video on my YouTube channel. 

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Terrible or terrific ? ( Leopard print) 

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I’m currently battling with pollen allergy. I’m a victim every spring. Poor me. 

I met a lady yesterday who told me she reads my blog but doesn’t like the fact that I wore leopard print. She saw the picture on My Instagram

The things we wear are our personal choice. I dress up for me and sometimes put my hubby into consideration. I personal love leopard prints.  Do you care about people’s option about your appearance ? Today’s society decide on how we should look or what we should wear.  shouldn’t people wear what they want Just because you are a vegan ?  

Do you think this outfit is Terrible or terrific ? My hubby likes it 💁.

Wear what you want to wear. I don’t support going naked in the name of fashion. The most important thing is you are comfortable and happy in your skin. 

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Feeling blue (Trend)

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How was your week? Am so happy it’s Friday! Am heading to Paris for the weekend….yay. 

Here’s one of the looks from my March/April lookbook. Hopefully I can drop the lookbook  video this Sunday. 

This post isn’t just about the outfit details…. I want to talk about trend.  All trend isn’t a trend , which means all trend isn’t for everybody. The mistake most people make is they buy a lot of trendy clothes and lack basic clothes in their wardrobe. I do buy trendy clothes if it suits me and if it’s going to be trendy for a while. Fashion fade, style is external. 

 This bell sleeves shirt is an example, the trend started last year and it still trendy. Lostink makes one of  best shirt sleeves shirt. 

                  Simple Rules stylish women always follow

  1. Clothing is a form of communication.
  2. Outfits are responses to social situations.
  3. Fit is the most important thing.
  4. A great pair of jeans is worth investing in.
  5. Dressing should be half your audience, half your personal style. 
  6. It’s important to know the right times to play with trends. 
  7. You must have a style signature. 

Shirt : lost ink 

Jeans : Gstar raw 

Shoe : louboutin 

Bag : Prada 

Have a nice weekend and stay licious 


Wifey/side chic/go-getter 

Hi ladies , 

Am back! Who miss  me? 

This post is for the ladies, fellas you can tell your woman to read this. 

I got inspired to write this post by a friend. She used my pictures as a memes. I took the pictures and stared at it.

I thought it was funny but it got me thinking. I asked her what was she thinking when she combined both pictures.  She said her brother saw my pictures and wished he had a woman like me that  can be à wife, hardworking and a side chic at the same time. I laughed. 

I decided to write a post about how we women neglect out sexiness after we marry, how we stopped caring about our body after we have a baby and how we stopped caring about our partners feeling about. I know it’s difficult to get that body back after giving birth to a child but that should not be an excuse . It’s difficult to give your man the full time you use to give him because the time is now divided into two, yes we get it. Do you make that little time special? I guess not. Am not saying every women loose their sexiness but most women stopped caring about their sexiness.  

Sexiness isn’t just about wearing sexy clothes or having a big booty/big boobs . For me sexiness is about working hard for every penny, looking good for your man, being a beautiful mother and a wife. Let’s focus about the sexiness for your men. If we stop being sexy/ dress nicely for our men there’s 100% chance he will cheat on you. Yes I said it!. Men will always be men, they look at attractive good looking women simply because they are attractive/good looking. 

Tips on how to keep your sexiness going. 

  1. Love your body and be bold enough to show it off.
  2. Don’t let the title called marriage stop you from being you, cause the world  thinks a married woman or a mother should dress some type of way. Am not saying you should walk around half naked. You can be sexy  by  being  fully/well dressed. You can work/relate with the above pictures.
  3. Always buy some new sexy under wear just for him.
  4. Go to the gym to work that body and eat health. 
  5. Pajamas partly with friends to give each other tips on how to spice things up is good for you. 
  6. Ask him what he will like you to do that you haven’t done before ( be adventurous with him). 
  7. Go on a date with him like it’s your first time going out with him.
  8. Be his wife and his side chic . Yes you have to be both! Send him a text just like a side chic . Send him a text like this when he’s at the office ” Boo when am I seeing you ?”, ” are we going out tonight ?” Come up with something that will put a smile on his face  that will make him to look forward to seeing  his beautiful wife. 
  9. Go on vacation with him, it’s a good therapy for your marriage . 
  10. Tell him how you want it . It’s freaking sexy!       

I hope you got one or more tips from this post. Bring the sexy back!

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How to be successful in 2017

Hi lovelies ,

This post is totally different from my usual post. It’s my platform and I want to use it to inspire people not only fashion wise but in other ways. How’s your 2017 going? It’s going ok for me. I have seen anyone testify about a new achievement this year. 

You don’t have to wait till December  2017 before you make things happen. You probably have been struggling to make it work, to get rich or richer. I wanna be richer, I want to be the first black women to be……., I will unleash that soon. How hard have you been trying?   You might be doing something wrong. Your plan might not be a plan after all. You are probably doing so many things at the same time, which makes you loose focus. 

Here are somethings you need to do to make you successful in year 2017.

1) Identify your passion : Before you can achieve success, you will have to define what success means to you. 

2) Make a list of your goals and what you might do to achieve them: Address  both and short and long term goals. Think beyond financial/ career goals. 

3) Live purposefully : In order to achieve your dreams and be the person you want to be, you will have to start paying attention to ur actions. Ask yourself ,”is what am doing going to lead me to where I want to be in life?”. 

4) Be educated :  Education is the key to success. Even if you want to be a business man or woman you will need the knowledge on how to handle the business. it’s never to late to go back to school. There’s are so many people who says I wished I studied something different. Time goes fast, before you know it you are done with the new course you take on. You will smile at the end rather than spending the rest of your life regretting on your mistakes. 

5) Manage your finances : Manage your money will help ensure your financial stability over time . Keep tracks of your expenses, understand your income , prioritize your spending and save money. 

6) Manage  your time : Time is money! Waiting to do stuffs till last minute can cause stress and increase the likehood of errors and negligence. Manage your time so you have enough time to complete tasks effectively. 

7) Don’t  compare your own life to other people’s lives:  Don’t measure your success by comparing it to the ones around you. All fingers are not equal. 

8) Count your blessings: no matter how much you have achieve in life you will always feel unhappy if you constantly focus on what you don’t have . Devote time every day to appreciate the things you do have. Beyond materials things , Appreciate your loved ones and unforgettable moments. 

9) Look after your health:  health is wealth they say. An healthy person thinks better. Eat clean , drink water everyday and stay fit. An healthy body gets an healthy mindset. 

10) Enviroment: surround yourself with positive minded  people that will inspire you or encourage you to do better or be better. Do away with the negative minded people. Stay away from people that feel comfortable with their current situation. 

Have you seen my February lookbook ? This outfit is one of the looks. Outfit detail is located in the description box.  Watch it here

I hope you got something from my little tips.  Have a nice weekend y’all.